TB3 - Technical Bulletin 3

Door Mounted Rear View Mirrors

  • The Ford XA-XB GT Falcon door mounted rear view mirrors were a popular choice for fitting to vehicles in the ‘70s.

    Ford Motorcraft GT sports mirror showing mounting plate options

    Because of their popularity, Ford sold an aftermarket replica for both doors which were supplied with a selection of mounting plates to suit different door profiles.

    The design of these mirrors suit the Cheetah particularly well, and by using one of the supplied mounting plates, the mirror can be made to sit at the correct horizontal position.

    Door mirror access hole cut to enable fitting

    It is suggested fitting a rubber gasket underneath the mounting plate to stop water ingression and protect the door paintwork.

    An access hole needs to be cut in the inner door skin to enable the mirrors to be fitted.

    They can be painted in the body colour or a contrasting colour.

    If an OE mirror is to be fitted, an extension will need to be added to the mounting base to achieve the correct mounting position.

Ford Motorcraft GT sports mirror side view
Ford Motorcraft GT sports mirror top view