TB4 - Technical Bulletin 4

Boot Lid Stays

  • Although the boot lid on the Cheetah is relatively light being constructed of fibreglass, for convenience air stays have been fitted to some cars.

    Two stays are required, one on each side to keep the pressure even on the boot lid as it is raised and lowered.

    The stay should be ordered with right angle brackets as this is the easiest option to use when mounting to the boot lid and boot floor.

    The stays used are Stabilus Lift O Mat high pressure units with a total extended length of 625mm, body diameter of 19mm and a pressure of 100N.

    We recently increased the pressure to 120N on the unit shown after it lost pressure, but I wouldn't go much above this otherwise too much pressure will be exerted on the boot lid in the closed position causing distortion.

    The technical specifications are shown in the image below. The H6/H6 refers to the type of fitting on each end to fit right angle brackets.